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We are passionate growers of Floral Greens.  We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, excellent service and an unusual product variety.  Our cutting and sorting control standards are unsurpassed in the industry and ensure that every leaf which leaves our packing facility is a leaf that the end consumer can enjoy.  We appreciate your business!

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We started Paradise Greens in the spring of 2011.  From inception, one of our main goals was to preserve endangered plant species.  Our CITES certified farms grow several endangered plants which are indigenous to the area.  Our unique position helps lower the illegal collection of Xate palms that grow wild in the jungles of Guatemala and Belize.

Another conservation goal was to preserve endangered tree species.  For this reason, our farms are planted with different endangered Rosewoods which are included in article I and II of  CITES.   This makes us the only certified plantation in the world of Brazilian and Central American Rosewoods.

About Us

Our team

Our team is composed of hard working indigenous and ladino individuals, each contributing superior talents and expertise respectively.  Our staff consists of experienced field people, well trained sorters and packers, an in house agronomist and a hands-on management team.

We pride ourselves on providing stable and ethical employment, fair wages and safe working conditions.  Our working environment has procured a family friendly workplace.


Ethical business practices is at the core of our value system. Ethics translates into a wide array of characteristics that defines success to both ourselves and our clients. Firstly, our staff is cared for by providing safe working conditions, generous above market pay, benefit packages insuring health and well being. Secondly, we surpass the most stringent environmental laws, protecting the rare species we produce, as well as the environment. Lastly, our integrity is exhibited by open, honest and fair dealing towards our customers. This is achieved by being held accountable for all orders guaranteeing the quality of our products.


Our mission is to become the industry leader in providing the highest quality, decorative greenery globally. We will achieve operational excellence through superiorly innovative technological and managerial strategies. In addition, customer satisfaction will be utilized via an open forum of suggestions and solutions, achieving efficiency, service and competitiveness.


In 2005 our first of two farms was bought, in 2011 a new farm was purchased in the vast El Peten area of Guatemala which is the base for Paradise Greens.

For orders, questions or comments, please call the following phone numbers:

International phone numbers:  +972.50.535.6666  +502.4034.2670  +502.3035.4175

U.S. Phone number: +702.425.4145

Email: info@paradise-greens.com

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